2017 Valentine’s Day ðŸŒ¹


It was a pleasant & memorable day!

Mummy and I decided to dine-in once again at SSL Traders Hotel (Traders Corner) once again. Let’s see what we had! 🙂



Appetizer: Waldorf Salad with cilantro tapioca puree. (For 2)


Soup: Homemade creamy pumpkin soup with crusty cheese bread. (For 2)


Main Course 1: Seared Chilean Seabass (Served seafood reduction, tomato cherry & green vegetables with fettucine aglio-lio).


Main Course 2: Chicken Roulade Stuffed with Frankfurter (Served roasted sweet potato & creamy mushrooms sauce).


Share Platter (Chef Special Dish): One Heart (Oven BBQ short ribs).


Dessert: Original crepes & orange sauce with vanilla ice-cream. (For 2)

This is the second time both of us celebrate Valentine’s Day here. The food never fail to satisfy us, and I believe all the other couples who dined in had the same experience too 🙂 Besides the amazing food, let’s look at the ambiance!



The special decoration made for the occasion. I personally think that it is romantic. There were balloons all over the ceiling, red roses were given (sometimes with a teddy bear), sentimental kind of music were played, and a candlelight on each table. Not to forget, complimentary 2 glasses of house sparkling beverages were served too (can be refilled)! You will be served politely by the smiley-faces throughout your presence at the dining hall. They will even offer to help you and your partner for taking photos 🙂

How much?

It was only RM99 PER COUPLE!

Which means including GST, you will only have to pay RM105 for 2 PERSON. How reasonable was that? 😀

I highly recommend  you all to give it a try for the next Valentine’s Day, especially Taiping people. The hotel is located at my hometown which is Taiping, Perak.

Oh ya, if you’re still single next year, it is okay! You can always bring your mum, dad, sibling or a friend as your partner.

Please know that Valentine’s Day isn’t only for lovers, it is a time people express their love for one another including your family, friends and maybe a pet hehehe.

Have a good day and see you in my next post! 🙂



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